What Makes AAFA Agencies Unique?

//What Makes AAFA Agencies Unique?

Working with an AAFA agency means being granted access to the nation’s top recruiting talent, from anywhere in the country. A company can utilize AAFA’s resources to find professionals within the current market, or positions for interim and specific project work, or even their next leader. An individual can work with AAFA to execute the next step in their career. AAFA agencies make every placement search easier by locating and referring qualified candidates to their client companies.

Retained Searches

Finding top talent to lead a company can be complex, but AAFA agencies have the skills and access to find the right candidate. Through a retained search, AAFA agencies are able to find the perfect fit: using a company’s targeted criteria, AAFA agencies are able to provide focus and expertise to produce expedient results.

Contingent Searches

It may be thought that there are a lack of professionals within a market, but AAFA agencies expand the search and understand technical needs, budget, and timeline of the hiring company. Companies gain access to a national network of candidates, who are screened based on technical and personal skills that align with the company’s culture. AAFA agencies are sure to find candidates that are qualified, interested in the available position, and looking to advance in their career.

Consulting And Interim Work

AAFA agencies have a connection to many talented professionals to meet temporary needs and still be cost effective, meaning interim work no longer has to be costly to a company. Candidates chosen by agencies are able to start immediately, and have experience in a variety of industries. As the interim employee completes the project at hand, the company has the opportunity to evaluate their work and efficiency before potentially offering a more permanent position.

Next Steps

To match desired details of an applicant’s search, AAFA agencies work with the hiring managers to decipher exactly what is being looked for in the professional to hire. All AAFA agencies assist candidates in their new career pursuits, and are a great resource for unexpected opportunities to grow. The individual has the potential to work virtually anywhere nationally, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, thanks to the connectedness of AAFA’s agencies.

Work With AAFA

AAFA is a national professional partnership of finance and accounting search firms. Not only do AAFA’s members assist client companies in recruiting, they also aid in candidates’ searches for finance and accounting career placement. AAFA’s agencies cover local markets across the United States and provide the same sophistication and character at each location. Find an affiliate or a new job opportunity near you at aafa.com.