Top Resume Trends of 2019

//Top Resume Trends of 2019

The key to initially grabbing the recruiter’s attention? A powerful resume. The first step in the hiring process is to sift through the pile of resumes, and if yours doesn’t stand out, you’ll be tossed from the pool of candidates in seconds. While trends come and go, the recommendations below are the ones that are here to stay and will continue to give you a leg up on the competition. 

Technological Competence

As technology becomes increasingly vital to any organization’s operations, businesses expect their employees to keep up. Hiring managers want candidates who can exemplify their knowledge, understanding, and skills related to technology — whether that’s knowing your way around smartphone apps or computer programs. In addition, you should understand technology’s role in the business that you’re looking to join. What are the most important technological skills that you can display? Even do your own research to see what technological trends are affecting the industry of the company to which you are applying. 

Social Media Presence

It’s now extremely rare for any person not to possess accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Now that social media is everywhere, your content likely has a certain personality to it. This “brand” should bring out your best qualities and attract the positive attention of the hiring staff. Recruiters are now commonly researching candidates’ activity on social media accounts, so you should ensure that your profiles only come across as upbeat and professional. You don’t want one Instagram photo or one Tweet to determine whether you get hired or not! It’s especially important to leverage LinkedIn, as this is essentially your “virtual resume.” 


The best way to capture a recruiter’s attention? Impactful numbers. Showcase your accomplishments by quantifying what it is exactly that you’ve achieved over the years in your diverse experiences. Numbers can tell a story and make you shine as a candidate. It also will help if you’re industry-specific in your quantities and you can speak to how the numbers positively affected the organization you were at during that time. 

Be a People Person

While recruiters are increasingly valuing technical skills and expertise, the importance of soft skills is not diminishing. In fact, hiring managers will often choose a person with better interpersonal abilities than a candidate that’s more qualified skill-wise. If you can effectively exhibit your soft skills on your resume and be able to elaborate further during the interview, the company will see you as an asset. Generate examples of times that you were a solid team member, you collaborated well with others, or you achieved a department-wide goal. Show that you are a selfless, easygoing, and friendly team player, and you will have won the favor of the hiring manager. 


While layout, font, and effective vocabulary are essential to an effective resume, the qualities that you highlight can determine whether or not you get the job. If you want to leave a lasting impression, stay up to date on technology, ensure your social media brand is positive, quantify your accomplishments and skills, and emphasize that you’re a people-person. Follow these guidelines and you’ll have your dream job in no time. 

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