The Importance of Establishing Core Company Values

//The Importance of Establishing Core Company Values

The idea of “company culture” has developed and changed meaningfully in recent years – what may previously have been viewed as simply a corporate buzzword is now front and center in many organizations. CEOs and high-level managers regularly meet to discuss the health of the work culture, and HR professionals are tasked with implementing it and monitoring the health and progression of the firm’s employees.

Why are companies placing much more importance on their guiding principles? In short, because core values inform the culture, drive the workflows, and influence the growth and success of a business. Keep reading to learn how.

Inform Your Business Practices

When a company’s core values are clearly defined and widely disseminated throughout the firm, those principles have a marked influence on how business is conducted. For example, if your firm values exceptional customer service – and makes this commitment clear – the employees will act in such a way that furthers that goal. If teamwork and collaboration are guiding principles, you will surely see workflows become more dynamic and communicative.

If you would like to see your business change the way it operates on a fundamental level, consider delineating and adopting the core values that nurture those behaviors.

Craft Better Managers

Businesses run more efficiently and employees are more satisfied with their jobs when they engage effectively with their managers. Each manager is a unique person, so their leadership style will justifiably be unique as well. However, if the company’s core values are instilled in each manager, and they are encouraged to both exemplify and advocate for those values, you will create a more consistent and functional management team.

This synchronicity of the high-level professionals at your firm will ensure that each team is managed in a way that promotes the health and success of your company as a whole, making communications between teams easier and employee-manager relations smoother overall.

Develop Team Goals

Before a crew can work together to make adjustments to its course, the ship needs a clear direction handed down from its captain. Likewise, before your business can develop clearly defined objectives, it needs a roadmap of how it is to act and where it is supposed to go.

When core values are understood by each member of a team, it encourages collaborative action that drives the firm forward.

Goal setting is immensely important in all areas of life – especially the workplace. Having a conceptual handbook by which to operate will help your team rally behind a common banner and set ambitious goals…and likely achieve more of them.

Help You Find the Right Candidates

As your business grows and changes, you will certainly look to add new faces to your team. During the hiring process, it is absolutely vital that your core values are not only clearly defined, but visible through the way interviewers carry themselves.

Company culture is one of the most important areas that candidates will inquire about during the interview stage, and your managers should have well-thought out answers to their questions. Every candidate should be able to see those values in action when they observe the behavior of current employees.

When core values are established, this also makes the hiring process considerably easier for your firm. You will better be able to sift through candidates and identify the ones that align with your core principles and have demonstrated them in their past positions.

Upgrade Your Work Life with AAFA

Your company is more than a name and a logo: it is a unique conglomeration of individuals operating under a common cause. At the American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA), we recognize the value in matching qualified candidates and established firms that share a common set of values.

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