The History of AAFA

//The History of AAFA

With connections that span across the United States, the American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) is the largest professional partnership of Finance and Accounting Search firms. Dating back over 40 years, AAFA helps companies with their job search or recruiting needs, even beyond their local markets. AAFA seeks to find the perfect candidate to fill any finance or accounting position and fit into the existing team’s dynamic.

Relentless Service

AAFA was founded in 1978 as the American Association of Finance and Accounting. AAFA specializes in recruiting and staffing professionals in the finance and accounting fields. To offer the best service to their clients, AAFA has close working relationships — as well as extensive contacts — with other recruiters, employers, and job seekers.

Sea To Sea

In over 40 locations across the United States, AAFA members are the most esteemed search resources for clients and candidates. Needing assistance outside of your local market isn’t a headache anymore: AAFA members reflect the same guiding principles and professionalism across each of their accredited search firms. Whether a company is recruiting on a local or national level, AAFA has it covered.

Finding The Professional

For accounting and finance companies, seeking candidates doesn’t have to be a daunting task. When you work with an AAFA affiliate, you gain access to the ultimate network of placement professionals. AAFA uses a thorough screening process and specialized network to locate candidates that best fit the current market needs. AAFA’s access to applicants, and understanding of employee retention factors, saves a client company both time and money in its hiring processes.

Growing Your Career

AAFA recruiters help their candidates discover and pursue new opportunities to grow or advance in their careers. Each of AAFA’s firms holds a keen understanding of their local market’s demands, with a network that ranges from startups to Fortune 100 companies. AAFA’s many firms work directly with the hiring managers, to filter and distribute job details that best match with each of their candidates.

Let AAFA Help

Not only does AAFA assist client companies in recruiting, they also aid in the job search of job candidates looking to advance their careers in the fields of finance and accounting. AAFA’s affiliates cover local markets across the United States and provide the same sophistication and character at each location. Find an affiliate or a new job opportunity near you at