The Future of Recruiting

//The Future of Recruiting

AI is transforming marketing, technology, sales, and even HR. From ads on TV to billboards, recruiting companies around the world are turning to AI to find and fill positions.

While AI has the potential to fully automate certain processes, other processes can’t be replaced by AI. 

So, what’s the future of recruiting? 

An algorithm won’t be able to replace recruiters anytime soon, but they might make recruiters faster and better.

Better Candidate Engagement

Many job applicants never hear back after submitting their application, and in this candidate-driven world, this is an important aspect of recruiting. AI “chatbots” save recruiters time and supply candidate engagement by sending automated responses to applications. 

Faster Resume Screening

Most recruiting teams don’t have the time or resources to manually screen the thousands of resumes they receive. Automated resume screening saves recruiters time they could spend doing other work. Automated resume screening is perfect for companies with high-volume hiring, since it takes a large quantity of data for AI to begin screening as well as a human recruiter can.  

The Human Element

While there are many great tasks AI can do, there are many things AI can’t do, and one of these is properly vetting candidates. Using keywords, trending topics and programs, the AI and programs can pair resumes that match a job description. But what happens when that resume has been falsified? Will an electronic survey find the right fit? Recruiters have years of experience spotting red flags, thoroughly researching job history and asking tough questions to get the real answers. For quality results, there is no contest between robots and recruiters. 

The Future of Recruiting

It’s not likely AI will replace recruiters, but it does seem like they’ll be working alongside AI while they do the tedious parts of jobs. As Deloitte explains it, the future of recruiting, and jobs at large, will be a combination of AI and humans working together to boost productivity. 

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