Steps to Begin a Passive Search for a New Position

//Steps to Begin a Passive Search for a New Position

Maybe you’re in a position where you don’t feel the need to actively apply to job listings, but you’re open to new employment opportunities if they arise. Our affiliate in Dallas Texas, Unity Search Group, has published a blog post to explain how to begin a passive job search for a new position. 

How to Begin a Passive Job Search


The first step is to have a firm understanding of what your ideal job opportunity would look like. Have a clear idea about which types of jobs you are interested in applying for and what industries you would like to work in. Having a clear vision of your goal helps to motivate your in the job search and 

Even though you aren’t actively looking for a new position, keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up-to-date so that if a potential employer does reach out to you, you’re fully prepared to learn more about their exciting career opportunity. Look to enhance your network for more of these opportunities to arise. One way to do this is to partner with a recruiter who has an extensive local and national reach. Learn more about how to begin your passive job search with the help from Unity Search recruiters. 

More About Unity Search


Unity begins with partnership. Unity Search has established themselves as an active and trusted partner within Dallas, Texas and the surrounding communities. In 2019 and 2020, this recruiting agency was named Best Places to Work by the Dallas Business Journal. Unity Search connects talent with hiring companies in the finance and accounting, information technology and human resources. Learn more about this agency and their amazing work by visiting their website. 

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