Staffing Agency Myths

//Staffing Agency Myths

Candidates often come to recruiters with preconceived notions based on things they read or heard. If you have never worked with a staffing agency or a recruiter before, you may be surprised to find out that much of this information isn’t true. Take a look at some common myths that get spread about staffing agencies. 

Myth 1: Staffing Agencies Take a Cut of Your Salary

A popular online myth is that if you find a job through a staffing agency, they take a cut of your wage as payment. This isn’t true for candidates. Recruiters are paid by employers to find talent to fill open positions, so no money comes out of your pocket. Companies trust staffing agencies to save them time and money and pay them well to do their job right. 

Myth 2: Staffing Agencies Only Hire Temporary Positions

There are some recruiters that deal entirely in contract-to-hire or temporary placements. But, the vast majority of agencies have both permanent and contract branches to suit their candidate and client needs. Many recruiters will place candidates on temporary contracts to see if the placement works well before moving to a permanent position. Hiring full-time is usually the goal of both the recruiter and the company, but having the flexibility to make sure the position is right for both parties is a win-win-win situation. 

Myth 3: Recruiters Don’t Care About Job Satisfaction 

Unfortunately, there are recruiters out there who play the numbers game and don’t check in with their candidates after placing them. Large, national companies move on without looking back to the next client after finishing that contract. 

The American Association of Finance and Accounting and its affiliates believe in the opposite philosophy. We get to know clients and candidates, putting relationships first and follow up to make sure the placement is going well. In the long run, it benefits recruiters to have satisfied clients and candidates, because this expands their network. Do your research before partnering with a staffing agency. Quality staffing agencies will have many success stories of clients they have placed that they are still in contact with. 

Myth 4: A Staffing Agency is the Only Thing Candidates Need for a Job Search

Staffing agencies and individual recruiters are wonderful tools for helping you find your next opportunity, but they aren’t a magic bullet. Your recruiter works hard for you, but the more you can help out, the better. Make yourself an attractive option for companies. Brush up on your interview skills, take your resume to a workshop, and poke around job sites. 

Myth 5: I Won’t Make As Much if I Work with a Staffing Agency

This simply isn’t true. Employers won’t pay you less because you were found through a recruiter. In fact, candidates can often get a better salary when going through a staffing agency. They know the market and can help negotiate a salary that reflects your skill set, which may be higher than what you could have gotten on your own. 

Myth 6: There Isn’t an Agency Close to Me 

Recruiters are everywhere. Before dismissing the idea of working with a staffing agency, do some research. If there isn’t one close, often there are recruiters who work remotely and can come meet you, or are willing to video conference or get on a phone call. 

Experience Recruiting the Right Way

The American Association of Finance and Accounting has over 50 affiliates in the United States and Canada. We believe in breaking down these myths to provide a better recruiting experience. Our affiliates focus on relationships over placements and can help find your next opportunity. Find an AAFA affiliate near you on our website: