Prepare For A Second Interview

//Prepare For A Second Interview

AAFA – Prepare for a Second Interview

The interview process can be daunting, stressful, and exhausting. Despite the inevitable emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the job hunt, if you come prepared, remain positive, and consistently communicate your passion for the company, you will likely succeed in attaining your desired position. These are ways to prepare for a second interview.

Be Yourself & Advocate for Yourself

Since you need to be consistent with how you portray yourself in the first interview, it’s important to be natural in the second interview, as your actions and words may be tested. It can be difficult to be completely relaxed and your truest self, but do your best to exhibit your authenticity through your verbal and nonverbal communication. In addition, you should highlight the distinct competencies and traits you possess and how these will be beneficial to the company. Communicate your value and explain how you will not only fit in at the company, but how you will elevate the culture. Practice how you can speak to your abilities and personality, and use stories and experiences to differentiate yourself from your competing candidates. 

Elaborate and Dive Deep

First round interviews are usually more casual and questions tend to be more behavioral in nature. In the second interview, it’s important to offer intentional and focused answers that demonstrate your ability to dig deep and gather insights. Prepare answers to difficult questions and know how your set of qualifications and your unique experiences can contribute to the company. Generate examples of times you demonstrated the qualities that the company is seeking, and don’t be afraid to highlight details about your behavior that you believe will be beneficial to the employer. 

Prepare Thoughtful Questions

Come to the interview with a list of questions that demonstrates your knowledge about the company, the industry, and your passion for the position. Read up on current events that the company is involved in, and be ready to think on your feet and ask follow-up questions or respond to answers that the interviewers provide. If you exhibit your interest in the company and the news, you will come across as a desirable candidate that is attentive to detail and versatile. In addition, by doing research on the company and national or global news, you show that you are invested in the interview process and you truly want to the position. 


If you make it past the first interview, congratulations! You can celebrate, but you should soon begin preparing to ace your second interview. Remember to be yourself and stay consistent with how you behaved in the first round so that the interviewers know your interview character is not a facade. Speak to your strengths and illuminate your desirable qualities, and be able to link your personality and experiences to the company’s preferred characteristics in a candidate. In addition, practice answering challenging questions and do research on the company and its industry. Lastly, spend time producing a few deliberate questions. In this way, you can exhibit your interest in the company and your true passion for the job. 


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