Inspiring Summer Productivity

//Inspiring Summer Productivity

Summer is a time for getting outdoors and relaxing, but also a time where workplace motivation is at an all-time low. Though nice weather and thoughts of time off can be a distraction, there are ways to increase productivity while you work through the summer.

Here are a few tips to help boost motivation during those distracting summer months:

Utilize Your Mornings

Mornings are your best chance to capitalize on your daily summer goals. Maximize your communication and productivity while you have the most energy, and while the most contacts are still in the office as well. It is important to be on top of your communication and coordination in the mornings during the summer months, as coworkers and contacts are more likely to take off earlier in the day.

And it’s not just your coworkers who should be tasked before the sunny afternoon hits; begin your days with your own most important tasks, and capitalize before summer daydreaming sets in. You’ll find that overall productivity is increased, and can use your afternoons to set yourself up better for the following morning.

Be your own advocate: not having a task readily in front of you gives your brain a great excuse not to come up with one, and slip outside instead. Give yourself a fighting chance and ‘meal prep’ your following day’s objectives.

Give Your Brain A Break

The beautiful day outside your window doesn’t have to simply be a taunting distraction: use it as a reward for the tasks you accomplish throughout the day. Take time to go outside and enjoy the weather. Getting a breath of fresh air helps you refocus, and clears your mind before getting started on the next task at hand.

Physical activity also can help improve concentration and increase job performance: a short walk outside or a stretch break can help you be more productive in the long run.

Can’t break free from your desk? Use the weather outside as a motivator to declutter your workspace and get rid of anything that could pose as a distraction. This gives you time away from strenuous work while removing any unnecessary projects and keeping the important information in front of you.  

Take Advantage Of The Dog Days

Summer months bring slow days; find a time to do a self evaluation and set goals for the next year. During these months, take advantage of less distractions to focus on a project that requires extensive thought and planning. This way, you will be ready to present ideas and proofs when others are back in the office, and can head off to soak up the sun to celebrate your initiative.  


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