The American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) recently sat down with its Milwaukee Affiliate, BRI & Associates, to learn more about Milwaukee’s current market for accounting and finance professionals. Whether you are seeking to hire qualified accounting and finance talent or considering advancing your career, check out this month’s AAFA Industry Update! 

Q: What local hiring trends are you seeing? 

A: BRI  & Associates is experiencing a strong start to 2018 as the first quarter closes.   We have noticed more robust hiring in the area of Corporate tax roles.    Given tax reform, with all the complexities and corporations saving money in taxes, they are able to justify bringing more talent in-house and/ or adding on new roles.   The other roles continuing to be in high demand are the technical roles.  Clients are anxious to get the attention of “Big 4” talent as the busy season comes to a close.    With the new revenue recognition and leasing rules along with new IPO activity, the demand continues to be strong in this area.

Q: Why are you seeing these trends or why do you think these trends are occurring?

A: There has been less demand at the higher-level finance roles as previous quarters.  Even after resignations at the Director level in organizations, companies are electing to “spread the work around and restructure” rather than filling certain positions.

Q: What roles are hot right now? Not so hot? Why?

A: Candidates in their earlier years (2-5 years of experience) are in high demand.  Anyone who has graduated from a top school, obtained their CPA and worked for a well-known CPA firm or Fortune 500 Co. has some great career options from which to choose.

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