Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Kansas City AAFA Affiliate, Morgan Hunter Corporation

//Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Kansas City AAFA Affiliate, Morgan Hunter Corporation

The American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) recently sat down with its Kansas City Affiliate, Morgan Hunter Corporation, to learn more about Kansas City’s current market for accounting and finance professionals. Whether you are seeking to hire qualified accounting and finance talent or considering advancing your career, check out this month’s AAFA Industry Update! 

Q: What local hiring trends are you seeing? 

A: The client demand for candidates is exceeding the supply. Many of our most tenured recruiters have never seen it like this before.

Q: Why are you seeing these trends or why do you think these trends are occurring?

A: It is a candidates-driven market, and many employers are struggling to adapt. As the economy continues to improve and more career opportunities become available, job seekers have more options than they have had in recent years. Employers are still operating as they did during the recession when they could be very selective about the candidates they hired while offering uncompetitive salaries.

Q: What roles are hot right now? Not so hot? Why?

A: We have always worked on all levels of finance and accounting roles, from the CFO level down to the non-degreed clerk level, and everything in between. But recently, the greatest demand we have seen has been for quality candidates at the Senior and Staff Accountant level.  People often think that lower pay and less experience required means that candidates should be easier to find and there should be a greater supply of these candidates, but the exact opposite is usually true.

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