Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Cleveland AAFA Affiliate, Raider Search

//Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Cleveland AAFA Affiliate, Raider Search

The American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) recently sat down with its Cleveland, OH Affiliate, Raider Search, to learn more about Cleveland’s current market for accounting and finance professionals. Whether you are seeking to hire qualified accounting and finance talent or considering advancing your career, check out this month’s AAFA Industry Update! 

The Northeast Ohio region encompasses the Cleveland, Akron-Canton & Youngstown markets (216, 440 and 330 area codes).  The area is often known as the “rust-belt” or Industrial Midwest.  Within our borders lies a range of industries—from manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture to technology, finance and oil and gas extraction.

The Federal Reserve 4th District, headquartered in Cleveland, reports increased production at manufacturing plants, moderate growth in the service industries and increasing demand for IT Services and Management Consulting.

Tight labor markets in Banking and Construction have led to high demand for management staff and highly skilled workers in these industries. Local staffing firms report increased demand for workers with advanced degrees and professional certifications. Overall, good economic conditions continue to support a strong labor market.

The Northeast Ohio area continues to be a manufacturing driven marketplace. In accounting specifically, demand outweighs supply in manufacturing specific roles such as cost accounting and inventory related accounting and analytical positions.

Emerging industries in the region include biotechnology, software development and a growth in private equity and equity investors.

Rapid consolidation in public accounting has seen national and larger regional firms acquiring many of the local Akron-Canton based CPA firms over the last 18 months.

The candidates in highest demand now are often flexible and very technologically savvy. Career trajectory, advanced degrees, and professional certifications are key factors in company’s hiring decisions, as is stability, which is often measured by promotions and length of tenure.


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