Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Chicago AAFA Affiliate, Access Search

//Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Chicago AAFA Affiliate, Access Search

The American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) recently sat down with its Chicago Affiliate, Access Search, to learn more about Chicago’s current market for accounting and finance professionals. Whether you are seeking to hire qualified accounting and finance talent or considering advancing your career, check out this month’s AAFA Industry Update! 

Q: What local hiring trends are you seeing? 

A: The Chicago market for finance and accounting professionals has been strong for several years.  This year, we are seeing increased competition for qualified candidates.  We are also seeing candidates receive multiple offers in a relatively short amount of time.  Highly qualified candidates are not on the market for very long. Often times they are hired and off the market in less than two weeks.  We have also seen a number of large employers moving headquarters or opening satellite offices in or near the loop.  The goal is presumably to attract talent.

Q: Why are you seeing these trends or why do you think these trends are occurring?

A: Quite simply, there is a shortage of finance and accounting talent in the market.  Companies are having to compete more than ever to attract and retain qualified employees.

Q: What roles are hot right now? Not so hot? Why?

A: There is a very high demand for candidates with strong financial reporting and financial audit experience.   In particular, companies are looking for people with strong technical accounting and SEC reporting exposure.  That said, we are really seeing high demand across all areas of the CFO’s organization due to a strong market.


The Chicago market continues to see robust demand for accounting and finance candidates.  In particular, we are seeing a need for experienced candidates with a strong background in financial accounting & reporting (SEC reporting), technical accounting & financial audit.  Given the amount of Fortune 500 companies and other large public companies headquartered in the Chicagoland area, candidates with relevant experience and backgrounds can evaluate a number of different career options in a relatively short period of time.  In addition to the large base of Fortune 500 companies here in Chicago, we have also seen an increase in demand from middle market and smaller companies that are currently growing.  These companies span multiple industries including financial services, investment management, real estate, technology & services.

There is no doubt that there are strong opportunities here in Chicago for accounting and finance candidates with the prerequisite academic background and practical experience.  It is a great time for anyone who is proactively looking to take their career to the next level and to continue to grow within their field of expertise.

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