Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Charlotte AAFA Affiliate, Sherpa

//Industry Update! An Accounting & Finance Talent Market Update with Charlotte AAFA Affiliate, Sherpa

The American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) recently sat down with its Charlotte, NC Affiliate, Sherpa, to learn more about Charlotte’s current market for accounting and finance professionals. Whether you are seeking to hire qualified accounting and finance talent or considering advancing your career, check out this month’s AAFA Industry Update! 

With construction cranes stretching above the skyline, it is clear to every visitor that the Charlotte area is booming.  For 2016, growing at a rate more than double the national average, Charlotte had the 4th fastest growing economy in the US, adding 40,000 jobs and is on track to add 35,000 more in 2017.  And while the area has always enjoyed a reputation as a great place to raise a family, Charlotte was also ranked number one city for growth in Millennial workers over the past 10 years.  These young workers are attracted by the job opportunities, progressive culture, vibrant nightlife and the low cost of living.

In the fields of accounting and finance, there is a mismatch between the skills in demand and the skills available in our region.  While one of the largest employers in the area used to report that they received 100,000 applications a week, they now struggle to find one candidate to interview for each opening.  Certainly, the skills gap has been exacerbated by both the growth in the economy and the ever evolving integration of technology in the workplace.

The Charlotte metro area’s unemployment rate sits at 4% and is nearer 2% for those with at least a bachelor’s degree.  If Charlotte didn’t have highly accomplished senior level professionals who are looking to duplicate their prior career success, both of these numbers would be much lower.  Our economy remains heavily dependent on imported talent, especially for those candidates in the first 2-10 years of their careers.

The demand for professionals with SEC and Statutory reporting, candidates with a solid understanding of accounting for derivatives and revenue recognition, skilled Senior Financial Analysts and FinTech professionals is strong today and expected to remain high.  Professionals with these skills who are still on an upward career trajectory can pick amongst several opportunities.  On the other side of the ledger, like much of the country, the retailers have been downsizing recently.

With a diverse economy where no single industry sector has a dominant share of the employment market, Charlotte has a lot to offer those looking for a new home to grow their career.


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