Industry Update! A Talent Market Q&A with Twin Cities’ AAFA Affiliate, Oggi Pro

/, Industry Update/Industry Update! A Talent Market Q&A with Twin Cities’ AAFA Affiliate, Oggi Pro

AAFA recently sat down with its newest affiliate member, Oggi Pro, to learn more about current talent and hiring trends in Minneapolis, MN. Here’s what to expect if you work, are searching for a job, or hiring in the Minneapolis market.

Q: What local hiring trends are you seeing?

A: Oggi Pro is currently seeing a huge pick-up in direct hire, or full-time, positions available to accounting and finance professionals. There are a large number of professionals exploring opportunities, but highly qualified professionals are not looking as actively. While light-level contract accounting roles such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and staff accounting opportunities are abundant, consulting opportunities for senior-level financial analysts and corporate financial planning professionals are lacking. That being said, this is a classic trend for this time of year as busy season ends.

Q: Why are you seeing these trends or why do you think these trends are occurring?

A: Companies need people but they’re not yet “all in”.

Q: What roles are hot right now? Not so hot? Why?

A: The hot job right now is Internal Auditors with 3-7 years of experience in the 65-85k salary range. As busy season winds down, candidates tend to explore the next steps in their respective careers causing slight turnover in the audit and tax. We can continue to see this trend over the next month.

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