How to Write a Great Employee Offer Letter

//How to Write a Great Employee Offer Letter

Congratulations! You found a great candidate for your company, now it’s time to seal the deal with an offer letter. The exact details of an offer letter vary depending on the industry, company, and role, but no matter what the position is you’ll want to include the following elements: 


Include any conditions candidates need to meet or complete to finalize their employment, such as a background check. Especially if there’s a time limit attached to your offer, mention it clearly and provide information about what candidates should do to receive an extension. 

Start Date

When are you expecting the candidate to officially start work? Is this date separate from onboarding? Make sure to include this date in the offer letter. 

Salary and Benefits 

Outline the salary, pay schedule, how hours are calculated (annually or hourly, etc), and any commission or bonus details. While there’s no need to include all the benefit details in the letter include a basic overview of health insurance, 401k, and commuter subsidies.

Job Description

An overview of the candidate’s responsibilities, including the job title, and who they report to directly should be included in the letter. 

Terms of Employment 

Clarify the position’s status as a full-time, part-time, or contract role. Include a statement describing the employment as at-will if that’s the case. 

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