How to Search for a Job Nationally

//How to Search for a Job Nationally

The broader your job-search, the greater your chance of finding the best career. Fortunately, there are many tools to help you search nationwide. Here are some ideas for searching for a job nationally: 

Join a Professional Group 

You might already belong to several professional associations related to your field; these groups are a great way to meet people with the careers or specific skills you’re after. When you can, attend meetings, read the group’s newsletters, publications, and updates to stay involved with the group’s activities. This way you’ll establish visibility, which gives you more credibility when you reach out to people when you start looking for jobs. 

Leverage Social Media 

Today, many companies use or plan to use social media to find and hire new talent. LinkedIn, which has become a highly-specific and personal job board is the most widely used network, which is followed closely by Twitter and Facebook. Hiring managers not only use social networks to find candidates but also to get a sense of a candidate’s personality and cultural fit. Whether you’re relocating, looking for a new career, or passively searching, establishing your current network and your online presence is important. Here are four easy ways to update your LinkedIn profile, improve your online presence, and boost your job-search capabilities. 

Search Nationally with AAFA

If you’re considering a move across the country or across town, work with us to find the best fit. The American Association of Finance and Accounting has over 50 affiliates in the United States and Canada. Our affiliates focus on relationships over placements and can help find your next opportunity. By partnering with AAFA, we expand our network and collaborate with forward-thinking accounting and finance companies to build and maintain talented teams in the accounting and finance industries. Find an AAFA affiliate near you: