How To Find A Great Fit For Your Team In Today’s Market

//How To Find A Great Fit For Your Team In Today’s Market

In today’s market, national unemployment rates sit just below 4%. With a true need for many businesses to acquire talent that might be seemingly unavailable, hiring managers may feel pressured to onboard candidates below the standard requirements of a given position, simply to fill a demand. While diamond applicants may be more difficult to uncover on an initial pass of interviews, there are practices that every company can put into action to create the best opportunity to hire the candidate they’re actually looking for, instead of simply one that came their way during a time of need. Here are four steps to consider before filling that new position:

Plan Ahead

Business owners can be their own worst enemies during the hiring process by wanting to acquire new talent immediately instead of doing their due diligence in sourcing candidates. Industry trends and competitive staffing models should not be the basis of your hiring decisions: as we know from looking at old pictures of ourselves, trends don’t always last. Be sure to take the time to plan out strategies and budgets for the future of your company. This will help to see who you can hire and how they can benefit your company, allowing you to avoid a hasty decision.

Articulate Needs

Reputations aside, the first impression your company makes to a potential candidate is through the job descriptions that you create to connect with them. Therefore, it is fundamentally important to make clear what your needs are, and what their obligations will be. While it may be initially tedious to put in that extra effort to craft compelling copy for each posting, the truth is that specific and engaging job postings will help you avoid receiving generic applications in return. Just as helpfully, it challenges your company to go the extra mile in what an exemplary candidate looks like, and begins your future working relationship with your new hire in a dialogue of thoughtful transparency.

Welcome Referrals

The hiring process can at times feel like a solitary venture. However, statistics suggest that candidates that were referred by a third party source are much more likely to ultimately be a satisfactory hire. Referrals dismiss a lot of guesswork for the potential employee and employer. Referrals also take into account the culture fit between the candidate and the company, which is something that might not be as easily discerned from credentials. When it comes to hiring that diamond candidate to exceed positional expectations, it really does take a village to see what might be missed on a cover letter or through a set of interviews.  

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