How to Expand Your Network Remotely

//How to Expand Your Network Remotely

While you’re at home, you can still go forward with networking. In fact, it’s a perfect time to connect with other like-minded professionals while they’re also at home. Here are some ideas for expanding your network remotely: 

Reach Out to Fellow Alumni

A great way to network is by connecting with your alma mater on Facebook, LinkedIn, or through your Alumni Association. The experience you shared in college will help you make valuable connections with old colleagues through emails, notes, phone calls, and cards.

Another excellent way to network is by mentoring students from your alma mater. Reach out to your school’s career services and begin guiding students in their professional journey, you might even connect with a future employee or intern. 

Join LinkedIn

Whether you’re considering switching careers, establishing your current network, or launching a new business, your online presence is important. If you’re looking for like-minded professionals and more resources for your network, there are plenty of professional groups on LinkedIn, like the Tax Professionals and Global Information Technology Professionals Association

If you want to maximize your network, LinkedIn is the place to start.  Here are four easy ways to update your LinkedIn profile and improve your networking: update your profile photo, get a custom URL link, add some media to your profile, and stay active.

Hire Remotely with AAFA

The American Association of Finance and Accounting has over 50 affiliates in the United States and Canada. We believe in networking to provide a better recruiting experience. Our affiliates focus on relationships over placements and can help find your next opportunity. By partnering with AAFA, we expand our network and collaborate with forward-thinking accounting and finance companies to build and maintain talented teams. Not only does AAFA assist client companies in recruiting, they also help candidates advance their careers in finance and accounting. Find an AAFA affiliate near you: