Finding a New Career Over 50

//Finding a New Career Over 50

A common misconception is that after a certain age it’s “too late” to switch careers. Candidates over the age of fifty often feel as though their only choice is to “stick out” their current career choice until retirement. Quite the opposite is true. 

It’s never too late to switch careers. 

While switching careers at any age is intimidating, it’s possible to make the pivot later in life. Here are some industry insights from AAFA to help you in your career search: 

Take Your Time 

Before beginning your career search, consider the type of lifestyle you want and how your career switch will support it. After reflecting, you’ll have a better sense of what you want in terms of salary or hours. Many candidates prefer a new career after fifty that supports work-life balance so they can spend more time enjoying hobbies, friends, and family. 

Update Your Resume

As the first impression, you will make on a future employer, your resume deserves frequent updating to ensure you are best presenting your current skill set and past work experience. If you’ve been working at the same company for a while, your resume might have fallen aside. The last thing you want is for your resume to make you look dated. Before applying to new positions, read our blog “The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Resume Building” for a detailed look into organizing your resume. 

Upgrade Your LinkedIn

Still not on LinkedIn? Now is the time to start, your online presence is important to potential employers. Do a quick search using your new career goals as keywords and find people to connect with and groups to join. Not sure where to begin? Here are four easy ways to upgrade your LinkedIn profile and improve your networking.

Use Your Network 

Over the years, you’ve probably built an expansive network of friends, colleagues, relatives, and acquaintances. Using your network is always paramount in a career search, but it’s even more important for candidates over fifty. Many candidates find a new career through networking instead of answering a job posting because referrals are more likely to land a resume at the top of a pile. Working-from-home? Read our blog, “How to Expand Your Network Remotely” for some networking ideas. 

Leverage Your Experience 

Starting a new career after fifty gives you a unique opportunity to leverage your life and work experience in a career you’re passionate about. Many companies hire experienced candidates to mentor and train their up-and-coming employees. During your interview, discuss the depth of your experience and how you can help younger employees learn and grow. 

Work with a Recruiter 

Finding an opportunity to grow or advance your career can be a daunting task. In today’s market with so much demand, it can be difficult to determine the vast number of opportunities available, which one is right for you. The American Association of Accounting and Finance (AAFA) is a network of finance and accounting search firms located across the United States and Canada. We can provide specific local market information to help you efficiently navigate your search. Explore our AAFA affiliates to find a recruiting firm near you and begin searching for your new career today. 

Partner with AAFA

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