Female Representation in the Accounting and Finance Industry

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Pinnacle, a recruiting agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, recently published a blog about increasing representation of women in accounting and finance. In this article Pinnacle highlights how the percentage of women in accounting and finance has increased by roughly 50% in the last 20 years. Despite this growth in the industry, only 17% of C-suite executives are women, and only 1% are women of color. In fact, 73% of C-suite executives at financial firms are white men according to the Department of Labor

How Do We Increase Female Representation in the Accounting and Finance Industry?


Pinnacle explains that to increase female representation in the accounting and finance industry, the idea that females can climb the corporate ladder must be established in the minds of young female applicants. Connect young professionals with established female role models within the industry to serve as a valuable motivator, and generate interest at recruiting events. Implement workplace policies and programs that cater to women to support their career path. Many firms are already implementing programs that allow women to better balance their work life while caring for their families. Learn more about this topic and how your firm can increase representation. 

Meet Pinnacle


Pinnacle is a recruiting agency that specializes in connecting professionals within the accounting and finance industries with high caliber teams. Pinnacle has an expansive network of over 20,000 accounting and finance professionals in the Pittsburgh area, and closely collaborates with over 40 AAFA offices across the country to expand their reach. Founded in 2011, the recruiting agency has grown substantially. Since their inception, Pinnacle has been recognized as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies twice in two-years time. Pinnacle contributes their success to their recruiters who intentionally place individuals with teams that match their career goals, strengths, and preferences. 

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