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AAFA Zoom Conference 2020

Date: Monday, Sept 14 – Thursday, Sept 17, 2020

On behalf of the Executive Committee I am proud to present the conference agenda and overview of this years first ever conference via Zoom. Although we have shifted to an online venue out of necessity, we have a great opportunity to make this an incredibly valuable experience for all. The barriers of participation have been reduced significantly and with the speakers and training opportunities being provided I am anticipating the largest group ever at an AAFA conference!

This conference will consist of three tracks: Owners, Staff, Operations. With a mix of webinars, day training for staff and a breakout session on the last day. We have a chance to bring every member of every office together for unprecedented connection, collaboration and communication. Of course, we will all miss the time spent face to face that has helped build strong relationships over the years, but we will hopefully gain new insights, experiences and takeaways that will help advance us professionally and personally.

Register below for the full conference agenda and mark your calendars for September 14 – 17.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!


Greg Savage Message to AAFA

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Greg Savage book

Peter Leffkowitz Message to AAFA

Register to receive the full conference agenda. Everyone in an AAFA office is encouraged to join!

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