Don’t Hire for the Now, Hire for the Future

//Don’t Hire for the Now, Hire for the Future

By hiring for the future, instead of hiring to fill a position, you are not only making your job easier but you’re also making your company better. Here are three tips from AAFA to help you save time while hiring candidates that will move your business forward. 

1. Plan It Out

It’s easy to dive right into a candidate search, but it’ll save you time and resources if you consider what sort of candidate fits your company culture. Take an hour or two to list the key characteristics and skills your ideal candidate must have, then make a list of secondary skills that aren’t required but would be good for a candidate to have. While it may take some time to outline your ideal candidate, it will save you hours overall in the entire job search process. 

 2. Search with Purpose 

Searching for the right candidate can take a lot of time, time that you probably don’t have, so make sure you’re searching for candidates in the right places. Take a close look at your strategy and ask yourself, where are these candidates looking for jobs? Are they on job boards, social media, or are they currently working? Consider partnering with a national network, like AAFA, to take your sourcing to the next level.

3. Create Goals 

If you want to hire the best candidates, review the candidate’s skills, but also look at their goals. Goals highlight what drives your candidate, where they see themselves, and how their skills and abilities fitting into your company. Candidates thrive when they are given opportunities for growth and to pursue their careers in a way that is meaningful to them, so find a candidate with goals that your organization can support. 

Hire for the Future with AAFA

Choosing candidates who are a great fit for your organization, instead of just filling a seat, and you’ll find your company and career improving steadily. Partner with the American Association of Finance and Accounting with over 50 affiliates in the United States and Canada. We believe in networking to provide a better recruiting experience. Our affiliates focus on relationships over placements and can help find your next candidates. By partnering with AAFA, we expand our network and collaborate with forward-thinking accounting and finance companies to build and maintain talented teams. Not only does AAFA assist client companies in recruiting, but they also help candidates advance their careers in finance and accounting. Find an AAFA affiliate near you: