Creative Holiday Events for Hybrid Work Environments

//Creative Holiday Events for Hybrid Work Environments

The business landscape has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, with an increasing number of businesses shifting to remote and hybrid business models. While this has been largely great for productivity, companies face new challenges in hosting events for employees to unwind, bond and celebrate together. These connections are vital for sustaining a vibrant company culture and giving back to the community of employees who keep our businesses running throughout the year. Rising to the occasion of rediscovering holiday events in the era of remote and hybrid work doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, a great virtual event can save on costs while increasing engagement, and including those folks who live out of the area. The American Association of Finance & Accounting Recruiters connects professionals all around the country. Here are our suggestions for creative virtual holiday events that can help you connect with your teams. 

1. Host A Virtual Escape Room 

After making a big splash in 2019, escape rooms have remained a popular team building tool and source of entertainment. As people have been less able to join for in-person events, virtual escape rooms have taken off online with a number of options for companies of all sizes to enjoy over common platforms like Zoom. Easy to set up, with many services available for hosting and leading the events, this is a great way to help your teams get to know each other better, stay engaged and enjoy some competitive energy. Up the stakes with a gift card or other prize for the winning group. 

2. Have a Holiday Themed Game Night

Diversifying the groups and activities during virtual events is an easy way to keep engagement strong throughout an event while making sure people are able to interact with new teammates. Throughout the evening, randomize small groups into different rooms where different games will be played. Trivia, charades, scavenger hunts, puzzles and more can be played over virtual platforms. 

3. Host a Virtual Cocktail Party

Remote and hybrid work models don’t mean we have to get rid of the classic company holiday party. We just need to reimagine it. Equal Parts Cocktail Company specializes in hosting incredible craft cocktail parties, including virtual classes, cocktail kits, custom tool sets and/or customized signature drinks. With built-in engagement and holiday gifts for your staff, this is a great option for upping the game on your virtual event. Learn more about Equal Parts Cocktail Company’s events and how they work on their website.

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