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Fostering A Strong Company Culture

A company cannot succeed on strong financial performance alone. In order to be a firm that endures - through employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, and public reputation - a respectable company culture must be in place. Although there is a myriad of effective characteristics that create a desirable company culture, the few mentioned below are the [...]

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AAFA Presents: LBMC

Location: Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee Established: 1998 Size: 10 internal staff Care For Our Clients  Our recruiting process is not just a matter of matching resumes to job descriptions. At LBMC, we believe that successful recruiting is built on our relationships with our clients and candidates. Our dedicated team delivers a higher standard of [...]

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The Benefits Of Working With A Recruiter

The job hunt is exhausting. Working with a recruiter, however, relieves stress, solidifies the unknown, and ensures you are applying for the most well-suited job that will advance your career. A recruiter is a great resource to have in the job search process; recruiters have access to vital information -- e.g. job openings and salary [...]

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AAFA Presents: Headfarmer

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Established: 2011 Size: 15 internal staff, plus 40-50 outside contractors We Step Outside Of The Typical There is a unique and diversified job market in Arizona, with no dominant industry defining the region. Because of this, instead of specializing in a certain line of business, we at Headfarmer specialize in the relationships [...]

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AAFA Presents: Unity Search

Location: Dallas, Texas Established: 2010 Size: 26 internal staff Unified In Our Work To us, ‘Unity’ means working together with each other and our clients to achieve a successful placement for all involved.  Our core values are family, respect, and transparency, and these are at the forefront of all of our practices. We always encourage [...]

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Standing Out: The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Resume Building

As the first impression you will make on a future employer, your resume deserves continual attention and maintenance in order to ensure that you are best presenting your current skill set and past work experience. While many aspects of a resume layout remain crucial to highlight, others have now become obsolete and simply disrupt the [...]

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AAFA Presents: ConnectPoint Search Group (CPSG)

Location: Sacramento, California Established: 2006 Size: 15 internal staff Personable Service There is a notable difference between working for a client company and working with one. At ConnectPoint Search Group, our culture is built on integrity, diligence, and genuine care. With that, we go above and beyond to deliver personalized service that makes companies and [...]

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How To Find A Great Fit For Your Team In Today’s Market

In today’s market, national unemployment rates sit just below 4%. With a true need for many businesses to acquire talent that might be seemingly unavailable, hiring managers may feel pressured to onboard candidates below the standard requirements of a given position, simply to fill a demand. While diamond applicants may be more difficult to uncover [...]

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What Makes AAFA Agencies Unique?

Working with an AAFA agency means being granted access to the nation’s top recruiting talent, from anywhere in the country. A company can utilize AAFA’s resources to find professionals within the current market, or positions for interim and specific project work, or even their next leader. An individual can work with AAFA to execute the [...]

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