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AAFA Presents: Rocky Mountain Recruiters, Inc.

Location: Denver, Colorado Year Founded: 1968Number of Employees: Core of 3 Introducing Rocky Mountain Recruiters At Rocky Mountain Recruiters, we love what we do, and we do it well. We’re thorough and candid, and we work closely with client-employers to ensure a lasting and successful hire. Since our founding in 1968, we continue our specialty in [...]

AAFA Presents: Rocky Mountain Recruiters, Inc.2020-02-21T09:30:00-05:00

4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn

Whether you're considering switching careers, establishing your current network, or launching a new business, your online presence is important. Here are four easy ways to update your LinkedIn profile and improve your networking.  1. Update Your Profile Photo According to LinkedIn, profiles with headshots are fourteen times more likely to be viewed than those without [...]

4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn2020-02-13T09:24:37-05:00

AAFA Presents: Morgan Hunter

Location: Overland Park, KSYear Founded: October 1986Number of Employees: 40 Introducing Morgan Hunter  At Morgan Hunter, we believe in treating others how we want to be treated. Our recruiters are friendly, candid, experienced, and work hard to make the hiring process efficient and comfortable. We have over thirty years of experience in accounting, finance, administrative, [...]

AAFA Presents: Morgan Hunter2020-02-07T10:13:26-05:00

3 Major Reasons Staffing Agencies Should Invest in Marketing

It’s ironic that within the staffing industry, where nurturing relationships with candidates is critical, marketing is often low-priority. In actuality, marketing helps connect companies to their clients and ensures success by continually adapting to the industry. Let’s take a deeper look at why marketing is worth the investment and how it can help your staffing [...]

3 Major Reasons Staffing Agencies Should Invest in Marketing2020-01-29T09:42:17-05:00

AAFA Presents: DeWinter Group

Location: San Francisco, CA Year Founded: 2000 Size: 95 Internal Employees  Thinking Long-Term The DeWinter Group brings a team of recruiting veterans to a fast-paced market. We know that your business doesn’t have time to waste in your search, which is why we prioritize transparency at every step so you know exactly where you stand. [...]

AAFA Presents: DeWinter Group2020-01-23T09:26:16-05:00

Staffing Agency Myths

Candidates often come to recruiters with preconceived notions based on things they read or heard. If you have never worked with a staffing agency or a recruiter before, you may be surprised to find out that much of this information isn’t true. Take a look at some common myths that get spread about staffing agencies.  [...]

Staffing Agency Myths2020-01-17T09:37:34-05:00

AAFA Presents: AP Professionals

Location: Rochester, NY Year Founded: 1993 Size: 15 internal employees (12 more in Buffalo)   Prioritizing Service AP Professionals knows that the formula for successful recruiting is simple: treat clients and candidates how you want to be treated. Nobody likes to feel that they aren’t a top priority, so we make sure all of our clients [...]

AAFA Presents: AP Professionals2020-01-13T09:44:32-05:00

AAFA Presents: Xplora Search Group

Location: Philadelphia, PA Year Founded: 2016 Size: 14 internal employees Students of the Game Xplora Search Group believes that hustle is the secret to quality local recruiting. We know that our clients’ needs are always evolving, and that new candidates are joining the job market every day. We work hard to ensure we are on [...]

AAFA Presents: Xplora Search Group2019-12-04T09:21:15-05:00

Keep Your Brain Sharp This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, so does the busy season for finance and accounting professionals. Switching from having multiple days off to long work hours can be mentally taxing. Here are some tips for a mental tune-up as the season approaches.  Brain Games An important activity for keeping your brain alert is challenging yourself to [...]

Keep Your Brain Sharp This Holiday Season2019-11-22T09:19:08-05:00