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Seeking Career Advancement?

Finding an opportunity to grow or advance your career can be a daunting task.  Demand for technical and strategic skillsets greatly exceed the current market supply of talent.  

Our network is able to leverage our resources within an expanded market utilizing the following:

  • Market Expertise – Our local firms have the inside knowledge regarding the market demands of a particular region. For example, skill and industry demands can differ significantly between California and Boston markets.   Additionally, we know the market rates of compensation, relocation packages, and other important details that are often difficult to obtain independently.
  • Expansive network – We have access to over 40 metropolitan areas.  These cities have opportunities that range from a small start-up organization to a Fortune 100 corporation.  
  • Partnership – Our firms work directly with the hiring managers and are able to obtain specific details related to the position, including technical skills, and compensation.  As a result our affiliates are able to identify the roles which are best suited for you.  As a ‘professional match-maker’, we are able to partner with you through each stage of your job search – from phone screen to offer

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The American Association of Finance & Accounting (AAFA) is the oldest and most well respected affiliation of Finance and Accounting Search firms in North America. With over 40+ Metropolitan firms spread across the United States and Canada, our members are the most well respected local search resources you will find.

When your job search or recruiting need goes beyond your local market you want a resource with the same guiding principles, character, and professionalism you get from your best local search firm. Our members reflect that and have been hand selected to represent the finest resource in their market. You can work with the best firm locally and nationally – we’ve made sure of it.

Please feel free to review our partner locations and profiles and reach out to your local affiliate to get more information as to how you can get a direct introduction.

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