AAFA Welcomes Washington D.C. Affiliate, Turn2Partners

//AAFA Welcomes Washington D.C. Affiliate, Turn2Partners

WASHINGTON D.C., Dec. 18 /AAFANetwork/

The American Association of Finance & Accounting (AAFA) has served as North America’s leading network for accounting and finance professionals for nearly forty years. Constantly expanding its affiliates, AAFA works to connect the expertise of accounting and finance professionals with employers all over the country. Affiliates are hand selected by AAFA’s executive leadership team and undergo an extensive interview process before joining our association.

We are pleased to share the news that as of November 2017 we are introducing the second of four new affiliates which have joined AAFA’s national network, Turn2Partners. Turn2Partners will represent the American Association of Finance & Accounting within the Washington D.C. market.

Turn2Partners was founded in June of this year and collectively holds over 50 years of experience in the field of finance and accounting recruitment. Their company goal is to establish strong relationships with their clients while communicating consistently with both internal employees and clients. They look forward to the unique advantages of working alongside AAFA, including the ability to leverage their local expertise in accounting and finance nationally with a boutique feel. Founder and CEO, Chris Owen, commented “Turn2Partners is excited to leverage the national reach that AAFA provides to candidates in the DC area who may be looking to relocate to another city.”

Derek DeWinter, AAFA’s membership chair, comments, “We are truly excited to welcome Turn2Partners to the AAFA network. A well known associate of AAFA, Chris Owen and his team are extremely connected in the accounting and finance recruitment space in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Their network combined with their wealth of experience adds significant value to the services AAFA’s affiliates provide to both their clients and candidates.”  

If you live or work in the Washington D.C. accounting and finance community or would like to relocate there, be sure to contact Turn2Partners. They can be contacted via their website www.turn2partners.com.


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