AAFA Presents: Xplora Search Group

//AAFA Presents: Xplora Search Group

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Year Founded: 2016
Size: 14 internal employees

Students of the Game

Xplora Search Group believes that hustle is the secret to quality local recruiting. We know that our clients’ needs are always evolving, and that new candidates are joining the job market every day. We work hard to ensure we are on the cutting edge of our industry and then we work even harder in order to best represent the clients and candidates we serve. 


The notion of recruiting can sound a bit like speed-dating: a room full of resumes that aren’t quite “your type,” with one or two that might be worth a second look. We turn that idea on its head by providing our clients with only the top-quality candidates that they are excited to meet. By developing a relationship with our clients, we get to know their company culture and what they are searching for. We meet face-to-face, not face-to-screen. We do business thinking 10 years ahead, not just for tomorrow. 

Our clients choose us because we aren’t trying to force a sale. We have a consultative approach to recruiting, so they don’t feel out of the loop. Our goal is to bring the best talent to our clients in the most efficient way possible. We are transparent about our process and work with our clients and candidates to find lasting and positive placements. 

Open-Air Approach

We believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality: we hustle to make the best possible placements and earn the right to unwind. Xplora’s office is open-air, casual and laid-back. We encourage our recruiters to be themselves and feel comfortable with their coworkers and workspace. This helps to encourage a spirit of collaboration across the office, as well as fuel some friendly competition.

Our employees are our greatest asset. They are the boots on the ground that find quality local talent. Xplora is dedicated to following through on our promises to our clients. We hire like-minded team members that help us keep that mission strong. 

Bigger and Better 

Our team is growing rapidly. Philadelphia is an incredible city, and we love to be recruiting within its industries. Xplora hopes to continue working with like-minded clients who are ready to bring on quality talent and are looking to grow with us. We are excited to continue expanding our team so we can continue to provide quality service to our market. 

Partners across the Country

Xplora Search Group is excited to be a part of AAFA, a national professional partnership of finance and accounting search firms. Not only does AAFA assist client companies in recruiting, but they also aid in the job search of candidates looking to advance their careers in the fields of finance and accounting. AAFA’s affiliates cover markets across the United States and Canada, providing the same sophistication and character for each location. Find an affiliate or a new job opportunity near you at aafa.com