AAFA Presents: Venteon

//AAFA Presents: Venteon

Location: Troy, MI
Year Founded: 2002
Number of Employees: 38

Introducing Venteon

The professional staff at Venteon in the Metro Detroit area is as experienced in their field as the candidates and clients they work with. Whether you’re searching for a finance, engineering or IT position, you’ll be matched to a recruiter with similar industry experience so your specific challenges can be met. We’ve worked with AAFA for over fourteen years, and our client and candidate base has grown, as we work with both established and unique industry clients in the Metro Detroit industry. 

Our Approach 

We don’t try to be everything for all of our clients; we take a proactive approach to talent search by specializing and segmenting. Candidates and clients work closely with someone who understands the industry and can actively recruit uniquely suitable candidates. We’re committed to making the right match the first time, giving you the tools you need to succeed, and the incentives that will encourage you to stay.

Our Legacy

We’re transparent and open, and we love working with people who are the same. For eighteen years, our expert staff has invested their time and hearts into their clients and candidate relationships. And internally, we’ve invested in our employees by providing the latest technology and training. With a low-turnover rate, Venteon demonstrates a commitment to teamwork and tenure. 

Our City

It’s not the 1970s in Detroit anymore: there’s been a lot of change and growth in the city. There are some good times ahead for Detroit as startups thrive; new restaurants opening, the automative industry rising, and the art community growing. Detroit is extremely diverse; boasting the largest Arab-American population in the nation, and has the highest percentage of African-American owned businesses in the country. With its low-cost living, growth, and diversity, it makes Detroit a great place to live and work — at any age. Move here. Move the world

Let’s Build Together 

Venteon is a member of AAFA, a national professional partnership of finance and accounting recruiting firms. AAFA is a wonderful resource for clients as well as candidates looking to advance their careers. AAFA’s affiliates cover markets across the United States and provide the same sophistication and character for each location. Find an affiliate or a new job opportunity near you at aafa.com.