AAFA Presents: Career Foundations

//AAFA Presents: Career Foundations

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Introducing Career Foundations

Career Foundations was founded in 2002 as a full-service, professional recruitment and executive search firm. We are a highly respected North Carolina firm with a national reach. Based in the heart of the Research Triangle region, we work with some of the most prestigious organizations and some of the most talented professionals. People choose us because they trust us and know of our past successes placing their peers as well as clients knowing our network and quick ability to produce results. On a personal and professional level, we’re passionate about helping our clients as much as possible. 

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to enriching the lives of career oriented professionals and we’re committed to creating value and impact at each step in their career. Within our North Carolina community we’re passionate about enhancing the talent and leadership businesses and prestigious organizations within our community. Our primary focus is serving as a trusted adviser and business partner, building lasting relationships with both our candidate and client base.

Our workplace culture is professional, fun, collaborative, and competitively driven without being cut-throat. We seek to provide our team the support and tools to be successful on their own, without micromanaging like some of the larger search firms. Our team is held to high expectations, but this gives them the structure and encouragement they need to succeed.

Our Partnerships

We try our best to do what is right for both the candidate and client, putting them above our sales numbers, which has led to a successful model. Our ideal clients are those serious about enhancing the quality of their leadership teams and staff level professionals. They’re career oriented and want to make an impact in Accounting and Finance. 

The biggest responsibility to our clients and candidates is to ensure we are making the right cultural and technical match first and foremost.Our honesty, personalized approach, career coaching, and constant contact with them allows us to produce high-impact results quickly. 

Our City

Raleigh is a booming metropolis with a big city with Southern charm. It’s the Silicon Valley of the Southeast, with multiple technology and pharmaceutical companies seeking top talent. If you’re considering moving to Raleigh, expect rent, low home prices, and low taxes and lots of job opportunities. Beyond the city, North Carolina is a diverse state with rolling mountains, beautiful farms, and coastal gems. 

Let’s Build Together

Career Foundations is a member of AAFA, a national professional partnership of finance and accounting recruiting firms. AAFA is a wonderful resource for clients as well as candidates looking to advance their careers. AAFA’s affiliates cover markets across the United States and provide the same sophistication and character for each location. Find an affiliate or a new job opportunity near you at aafa.com.