AAFA Presents: Accountability Resources

//AAFA Presents: Accountability Resources

Location: Austin, Texas

For over fifteen years, Accountability Resources has been a market leader in Austin, Texas. This female-founded and owned firm has differentiated themselves with their ability to partner, listen, and understand the needs of their clients to deliver results that exceed expectations, and create long term, lasting relationships.

Our Approach

We don’t just hire just salespeople. We hire individuals with accounting and finance experience themselves. We hire those who are driven, intelligent, motivated, and want an opportunity where they can have it all: a career that fits into your life, where you don’t feel like you are having to give up one thing for another. Our recruiters appreciate the flexibility we provide to each of them and this results in our high retention rate. And our clients love that they have the same, consistent point of contact year after year.

We take great pride in our philanthropic endeavors and nonprofit organization “Ignite A Dream”, which was created utilizing proceeds from the firm. Four of our women will be featured in the March 2020 issue of “Women to Watch” in Austin Woman Magazine.

Our Partnerships

Our greatest promise to our clients and candidates is to truly listen. We not only want to gain an understanding of what our clients or candidates are seeking, but also what they’re seeking in their ultimate career goals. The recruiters here are all former accounting and finance professionals with CPAs, MBAs, and Big 4 experience so they understand the specific industry needs for each of our clients and candidates.

This thorough, candid, and personal approach translates to long, term relationships and respect with both clients and candidates alike. Our ideal client is a truly committed partner and confident job seeker. That individual who isn’t running from anything, but seeking to run towards a better career opportunity. We want to work with companies and candidates like this who are willing to take the time to build an exclusive relationship with us to better their future.

Our City

The people of Austin are welcoming and friendly, open to embracing differences and diversity. Austin is a big, small town and a relationship-driven market. Austin’s charm, affordability factor, temperate climate, and the “no state income” factor create an attractive place for individuals and companies to relocate. We have deep roots and relationships in Austin, from being a sponsor of the Best CEO Awards since their inception to the relationship that we have in the Austin Chapter of CPAs. We truly understand the environment and culture, so we can help you find the best career fit if you’re considering relocating to Austin.

Let’s Build Together

Accountability Resources is a member of AAFA, a national professional partnership of finance and accounting recruiting firms. AAFA is a wonderful resource for clients as well as candidates looking to advance their careers. AAFA’s affiliates cover markets across the United States and provide the same sophistication and character for each location. Find an affiliate or a new job opportunity near you at aafa.com.