LBMC Staffing Solutions, LLC

Nashville, TN

Since 1998, LBMC Staffing Solutions has been working with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 to bring in top-notch talent who excel in their fields for contract, contract-to-hire or direct-hire needs. We value our relationships and nurture our connections, which continue to grow long after a match is made. We focus on the unique needs of the candidates and the employers to make sure they are the “right fit” to make good businesses BETTER. Our team strives to bring together the best and the brightest on each side of the hiring table. Our recruiters have work experience in the disciplines for which they recruit and truly understand the challenges with hiring and finding quality employee matches. We are affiliated with the largest Tennessee-based accounting and business consulting firm, broadening our reach to top candidates and employers.

We are proud that our network is comprised of valued people and personalities, not simply names and numbers. We look forward to connecting with you and making you a valued partner in our ever-expanding network.

Serving Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas.

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201 Franklin Road, Brentwood, TN 37027

Sherrie Whatton

Sherrie Whatton

President/CEO, Founder

(615) 309-2428

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