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Kingston-Dwight Associates focus is the recruitment of finance and accounting professionals across all industries. This specialized group of professionals has identifiable areas of marketability. We work aggressively to follow hiring patterns brought about by changes in business activities, technology and regulatory requirements. Whether it is the needs of an organization’s CFO, increased professional help for consulting firms such as public accounting firms or the specialized finance and accounting needs of our financial services and investment firms, Kingston-Dwight Associates understands what professional qualifications are in demand and knows how and where to find the best talent.

Our extensive knowledge of companies, organizations and executives combined with our constant monitoring of significant regulatory developments, advances in technology and the ever-changing demands on financial executives allows us to provide our clients with insights and guidance to best conduct their recruiting effort. Our ability to define “candidate value” and “recruiting process risk” translates into a better recruiting process for the client and a high quality candidate pool for our clients to consider. A quality recruiting process that includes access to talent equals excellent results. The Kingston-Dwight Advantage is utilizing our judgment and informing and guiding our clients to make the best decision for every recruiting need.

Serving Massachusetts, NH and RI.

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Michael O'Leary

Michael O'Leary

Managing Director

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