5 Tips for Setting New Hires Up for Success

//5 Tips for Setting New Hires Up for Success

Finding the right fit for a role is not always an easy process. It involves articulating a firm job description, crafting this information into a job post, dissemination of the post to various sites and networks, reception of dozens of resumes, in depth canvassing, interviews, and finally, extension of an offer. After this lengthy ordeal, however, the real work is just beginning. Incorporating a new individual into your team and ensuring they succeed at the job they were hired to do is another story altogether.

Ensuring your new hires have the tools they need to achieve results can be tricky, but it is vital. Here are 5 key tips from the accounting and finance experts at AAFA on how to set up your new hires for success.

Treat Them as Trusted Teammates

People perform better when they know they are trusted and valued. From the get go, treat your new hire like what they are: an important and necessary member of your team. Investing some time in team bonding events such as a new hire celebration event or happy hour can help show your new teammates that you value their talents and are excited to work alongside them. Immersing your new hires in your company culture from the outset is a great way to build trust.

Make the Expectations Clear

Even the best workers will not perform a job excellently if they don’t have a clear description of the appointed task. Have one-on-one meetings with your new hires and explicitly share what your expectations are for their tenure at the firm. Include concrete and quantifiable objectives, such as revenue goals or leads expected, as well as more qualitative points such as career development and personal growth. Making sure each team member has a firm understanding of their duties and how to approach them will make for a more successful team.

Train Them Effectively

When it comes to training, prioritize high-value experiences and initiatives. Above all, avoid wasting the time of your new hires and the professionals responsible for training them. Outside of the courses that are mandated by compliance and management, ensure that each hour spent training your new hires is time well spent and focused on learning important, revenue-generating skills.

Some of the best training involves shadowing those who are currently successful. Sending new hires on sales calls with seasoned veterans or pairing a new hire with an experienced team member on an internal project can provide immersive, applicable training by teaching the new teammate how exactly the job is done.

Help Them Achieve Early Successes

A person who begins to notch notable wins in their column early in their time in a new role will perform with bolstered confidence going forward. Making an effort to ensure that your new hires succeed on their first projects will not only help the business itself immediately, but also set up your new hires mentally and emotionally to desire similar successes.

Provide each new teammate with ample resources to complete their first few objectives, and appoint more senior members to check regularly on their progress. Your future bottom line will thank you.

Establish Mentors

Almost every successful businessperson can cite the help of several key mentors as an invaluable catalyst for their career. Hand-pick mentors for your new hires that can serve as guides and career counselors. If a robust mentorship program doesn’t already exist at your firm, establish monthly or quarterly meetings between each senior-level mentor and the new hire. Along with promoting the team-building and cultural aspects of a positive workplace, this will help equip your new hires to succeed by implementing the advice and learning from the experiences of more seasoned professionals.

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