5 Finance and Accounting Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Every business has its own set of products or services, but every business works with money. As an accounting or finance expert, you must be intimately familiar with the concept of money, as well as how it works, how it moves, and how it can be managed. Being a professional in this field requires a wide breadth of skills and a firm knowledge base, and those things aren’t learned overnight. Whether you have been in the industry for decades, or are hoping to make your first foray into accounting and finance, it’s important to be continually learning and honing your craft.

Podcasts can be an excellent avenue to do just that. They offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise for free: you can hear the thoughts and hard-earned lessons from CEOs and industry titans without paying to attend a conference. In fact, podcasts allow you to bone up on your skills on a schedule that works for you, such as during your commute or while doing the dishes. Here are 5 accounting and finance podcasts you should be listening to right now.

1. Marketplace

Part of the NPR family of podcasts, “Marketplace” is an excellent source of major economic news and events of the day. Finance and accounting are, at their base level, influenced by the economy, and this podcast can help give you some insight into micro- and macro-economic trends. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal, a former member of the U.S. Foreign Service and the U.S. Navy, “Marketplace” will give you the info you need to understand the workings of the economy as a whole.

2. Accounting Today

“Accounting Today” is a major publication in the business world, and the company’s in-house podcast is a fountain of useful information for accounting professionals. The editors invite thought leaders in the accounting world onto the show to discuss everything from the pursuit of accounting as a profession, to major issues in the accounting field such as auditing, fraud, and security. If you are an active or aspiring accounting professional, listening to “Accounting Today” is a great way to stay current on the industry’s major happenings.

3. Unity Talks

Hosted by the recruiting professionals at Unity Search, a Dallas-based accounting and finance recruiting firm (which is a proud member of AAFA), “Unity Talks” strives to feature “lively discussion with successful business leaders regarding their career path to success, obstacles to overcome to become successful, and steps they have taken to remain on top of their profession.” David Cathey, a partner at Unity Search, facilitates discussions with the show’s guests and offers his personal insights as well.

4. Barron’s Live

Barron’s has been at the forefront of the investment marketplace discussion for 100 years. The publication itself offers a weekly print edition as part of the Dow Jones & Company and Wall Street Journal umbrellas. The flagship Barron’s podcast, “Barron’s Live,” offers discussions between Barron’s senior managing editor Lauren R. Rublin and market experts on a daily basis. Subjects covered include stock market trends and activity, Federal Reserve policy, and investment outlooks for the year in various sectors.

5. The Personal Finance Podcast

If you’re looking for a little less news and a little more of a “hot take” on finance, then “The Personal Finance Podcast” may be for you. Hosted by Andrew Giancola from Dollar After Dollar, this podcast features personal recommendations for investing, business strategies, income generation, and more. With the goal of revolutionizing your personal financial life, this podcast will offer you some interesting ideas and perspectives you can implement today.

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