3 Tips To Follow When Considering Relocation For Your Next Position

//3 Tips To Follow When Considering Relocation For Your Next Position

Are you in need of a change of scenery in your career? Have you considered expanding your horizons! Our affiliates at AAFA offer three valuable insights to follow when considering relocating for your next position. Your next opportunity is right around the corner, even if it’s located across the country! 

1. Update Your Materials 

As you begin to consider relocation as a possible next step in your career, make sure your job-searching materials, like LinkedIn and your resume, are updated. For effective networking, LinkedIn is a great resource. Here are four easy ways to upgrade your LinkedIn profile: update your profile photo, get a custom URL link, add some media to your profile, and stay active by making connections and messaging them. 

Resumes still remain an important part of the hiring process. It’s not the only factor when it comes to hiring, but they help employers learn more about applicants and consider if they’d be a good fit. Here are our tips for an A-list resume to land you an interview: keep it to two pages, tailor it to your specific job search with keywords, and list your achievements. 

Another great way to update your materials is by re-educating yourself. Are there any certifications, licenses, or professional education classes you need to take?  Now is the time to take them and get ahead! These classes will make you more marketable in your search. 

2. Use Your Network

Building your network is important while you’re looking for a new career or if you’re establishing yourself in your current position. To ensure you’re making the most of your connections, consider the following approaches:  

  • Connect with all of your past employees, coworkers, and bosses, and let them know that you are hoping to relocate. 
  • Take the time to write out careful recommendations for others on LinkedIn, as people will be likely to do the same for you in return. 
  • Join networking groups on LinkedIn, where you can find a variety of groups with people who have similar backgrounds. 

Now is a great time to network, since everyone else is currently in a similar position as you, at home. People want to connect and help each other, but it’s up to you to ask for what you need.

3. Work with AAFA

If you’re considering relocating during this time, work with us and gain access to an expansive international search network. We have access to over forty offices, and can help you find the perfect, permanent position.

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