3 Tips for Remote Onboarding

//3 Tips for Remote Onboarding

Many companies are pausing their training for new hires due to most of the office being at home. However, you can still go forward with your onboarding and training remotely. In fact, it might help your new hire focus on whatever technology, databases, or systems your company uses. While you’re onboarding your new hires, refer to this blog to make remote onboarding easy, efficient, and effective. 

1. Make Sure They Have the Right Equipment

As a manager, it’s your job to make sure your new hires have the right equipment while they’re working at home. Confirm they have a work laptop, mouse, keyboard, WiFi, and anything else they’ll need for onboarding. Coordinate with your IT department so your new hire is supported as they set up their hardware and software. 

2. Streamline Paperwork and Training

It’s time-consuming to print, sign, and snail-mail or fax documents. Try to utilize an e-signature tool so that new hires can add their signatures digitally and share contracts with you in a secure environment.

Use interactive, user-friendly training that includes games and quizzes to boost engagement and improve communication. If you have trouble coordinating live training, have senior employees record training videos, and schedule a follow-up meeting in case the new hire has any questions. 

3. Schedule Meetings with Each Department

During their first week, a new hire should meet with their coworkers, managers, and relevant departments in one-on-one video calls. Additionally, scheduling a brief daily check-in with your new hire will keep them on-task and motivated and help you in monitoring their productivity and progress as they familiarize themselves with their new position. Use the check-ins to discuss and develop short-term and long-term goals for your new hire. This small time investment up-front will pay great long-term dividends. 

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