3 Major Reasons Staffing Agencies Should Invest in Marketing

//3 Major Reasons Staffing Agencies Should Invest in Marketing

It’s ironic that within the staffing industry, where nurturing relationships with candidates is critical, marketing is often low-priority. In actuality, marketing helps connect companies to their clients and ensures success by continually adapting to the industry. Let’s take a deeper look at why marketing is worth the investment and how it can help your staffing agency: 

Reason 1: Marketing Builds Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of marketing your staffing agency is building awareness of your company and brand. Referrals may be enough when your staffing agency is new, but a structured marketing plan will keep your company growing and profitable. It’s a way to get your word out to potential clients and increase current client retention. It also builds your reputation and credibility as a company, which is crucial in attracting clients looking for a business partner. Brand awareness generated from ongoing marketing programs secures that you have the highest quality people working for you, and that you’re finding the highest quality clients and candidates. It will help you find and retain great employees, clients, and candidates. 

Reason 2: Marketing Insulates Your Agency Against Competition and Change 

There is a disclaimer: good marketing insulates your agency against your competition, which is why it’s important to choose a good agency partner. Strong content positions your agency as a market leader and the obvious choice, placing you ahead of your competition. Marketing is like an insurance policy: it ensures that your business will thrive, even if the economy doesn’t. Changes in the tax codes, natural disasters, and tariffs all impact the economy. When your costs go up, your first instinct is to cut your initiatives, like your marketing plan. But if you’ve spent the time cultivating high-margin customers through marketing, you can afford a cost increase.

Reason 3: Marketing Cultivates Client Relationships 

As your company evolves, so do your clients. Your marketing has to adapt to this. Your customers inform and direct the trajectory of your business. If you are connecting with the market, clients, and candidates through consistent marketing it gives you a distinct edge in customer connection over your competitors. By maintaining marketing and client relationships your company will have a better idea of what your clients are looking for and what they need. This way, you can continue connecting with customers who need your business—no matter how much money they’re trying to save. 

What to Look For 

Book a consultation with a marketing firm that has demonstrated experience marketing for staffing agencies. Content is king, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Successful marketing for your staffing agency should include:

  • Infographics
  • Visual forms of media
  • Social media
  • Streamlined website to drive client traffic and increase interest

Keep in mind that it’s easier, faster, and cheaper to incrementally improve your marketing plan instead of reinventing from scratch. Every time you pause or wait, your competitors could take your position in the market. Instead, prioritize consistent marketing, and regularly reexamine your strategy to help it evolve. 

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